Eternal Life - Chapter 70

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The moment Fang Han heard the Inner Disciple shout, his blood started to boil!


Ever since he took the Nine Vision Golden Pellet, his blood contained the spirit of the Great Emperor Acheron from the Devil Sect. He was also an incredibly prideful person, no longer that petty and weak servant from the past, instead he’s become a master with the talent to reach the Godly Expert Realm!


However, he clearly knew that at least this one time he must endure!


The upper part of the character 忍 was a knife, a knife stacked on the hear t心. It signified the terrible consequences awaiting someone incapable of enduring. The enemy before him was too strong. Even “Yan” would be easily pinched to death, much less himself?


“This Seven Evil Gourd was gifted to me by Qing Xue Shijie, and she is the only one who can take it back. Hua Shixiong, please understand. Don’t embarrass me. Hua Shixiong you have many treasures, certainly you wouldn’t covet this one Baoqi[1].” Fang Han remained extremely calm when speaking. He knew this matter wouldn’t end well today, and that he must react calmly, just in case Hua Shixiong responded poorly and opted to kill him.


The treasure Seven Evil Gourd was very powerful since it could be used both to defend and attack. It was all thanks to it that treasure that Fang Han had such an easy time dealing with the Māra moments ago.


If Fang Han continued to use the Seven Evil Gourd, once he became an Inner Disciple and had more time to train, then he could go to the underground battlefield to kill demons and devils, refine their blood into Medicinal Pills, go into the mountains hunting for  treasures, traverse the sea in search of  hidden  immortal mansions, mire through swamps, and forage through volcanic craters searching for fortuitous encounters with fabled panacea to further boost his training speed.


After all, cultivating to the Godly Expert Realm requires many materials. Out of the four elements of cultivation: Wealth, Companions, Method, and Location, obtaining base materials accounted for the first.Once Fang Han lost the “Seven Evil Gourd”  he will have lost a great advantage in gathering base materials.


“Haha!” Hua Tian Du smiled coldly having taken two steps closer. When he did the three hundred disciples present all felt their hearts skip a beat, no one dared to speak.


“The way you speak sounds like you’re implying that I’m envious of your magic treasure? To tell you the truth, I was commissioned by the Corporal Punishment Elder to rectify the affairs of the Yuhua Sect's disciples because currently, the sect’s moral integrity is decaying. There are disciples in the Sect who practice devilish martial arts, some refine diabolical Medicinal Pills, some use Devil treasures, in time what will our great Immortal Sect become? Will other Sects begin considering us to be a Devil Sect? You and Fang Qing Xue are black sheep, Fang Qing Xue keeps lingering with the Devil Commander and you’re nothing but a dog pretending to be a human bullying others, how arrogant. You think you’re the only target of my cleansing? I’ll tell you from this day forth all Inner and Outer Sect Disciples will be held to these same standards. You keep mentioning Fang Qing do you think I have any qualms with her? I, Hua Tian Du began cultivating Immortal techniques at three years old, can’t count how many demons and devils I’ve killed, for the sake of our Yuhua Sect’s Immortal qi, I will wield my sword to kill even the great Devil emperor. I don’t want to bully the weak, it would be a forgivable offense if you chose not to bring up Fang Qing Xue, but you have! That’s yet another reason for my rectification! Otherwise, how could I manage hundreds of thousands Inner and Outer Disciples of our huge Yuhua Sect?”


“A dog pretending to be a human and bullying others…” When he heard those words, Fang Han’s blood boiled even hotter, but even still he continued to endure! Unwaveringly restraining himself!


“You thought that if you didn’t hand over the Seven Evil Gourd, then I wouldn’t be able to deal with you? Even if Fang Qing Xue were here right now, the result would still be the same, hand it over!”


Hua Tian Du said a lot, not only to Fang Han but to every disciple of Yuhua Sect present. There was no doubt he was going to cleanse the Yuhua Sect! A single Fang Han didn’t worry him at all; he only chose to speak so much as a warning to the other disciples.


Even ten thousand Fang Han would be killed by a single use of Hua Shixiong’s “World of Snow.”


While he was speaking Fang Han saw Hua Tian Du raise his hand! Suddenly, he was surrounded by a strong force. It felt like his whole body had been tied up, unable to move an inch!


“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Fang Han moved, shouted out the Eight Roars of the Naga, condensing the power as much as possible. The Sirius Smoke left the Seven Evil Gourd to cover his body and form into Sirius Armor.


“Insignificant skill.”


Hua Tian Du didn’t even look as he turned his palm over and smashed it! Bang! There were no magnificence lights. Simply, mysteriously, and inexorably the air flow collapsed, it was as if the pillar holding up the sky had broken. The sky simply collapsed after being pressed down on by an invisible force. The Sirius Armor Fang Han wore suddenly burst apart! The Eight Roars of the Naga couldn’t be shouted, his whole body just crashed onto the ground harshly, leaving him lying prostrate.




Fang Han suddenly lost control of the Seven Evil Gourd, it flew into the sky and fell into Hua Tian Du’s hand.


Hua Tian Du extended his hand and moved it in a wiping motion; Fang Han then felt a piece of his flesh on his body get cut off ruthlessly. Hua Tian Du’s action was made in order to eradicate the blood spirit used to refine the treasure!


From that moment on, the Seven Evil Gourd no longer belonged to Fang Han!


Hatred! Infinite hatred rose from Fang Han’s heart!


He thought he had finally regained his pride, but now his dignity had been lost again! In the face of Hua Tian Du’s strong power, it was tragically lost.


“I want to be like the Great Emperor Acheron, to establish a cycle of reincarnation, to bring justice to the world, to carry out retribution, yet, I couldn’t even defend my pride, what’s the point talking about this!”


For the first time, Fang Han felt weak. He urgently needed more power!


“No matter the cost, gain more power!”


“Only when you have power will I be able to have pride!”


“Only when I have pride will I be qualified to talk about ideals!”


“I need power…”


Fang Han raged inside his heart! He could do nothing else but twist his body!


The Inner Disciple whose surname was Zhou saw that Fang Han defeated by Hua Tian Du in one move saw the Seven Evil Gourd had been taken away and asked,“Eldest Shixiong, I hope that you can recover my Spirit Wind Sword for me and deal with this spy of the Devil Sect without mercy, it’s best to shatter his martial art foundation. Otherwise, our hundreds of thousands of Yuhua Sect Inner and Outer Sect Disciples will be mired in twisted roots and intertwined joints! So many of the Core Disciples are involved, if you don’t make an example of him, I’m afraid it will be hard to cleanse the Yuhua Sect.”


“Is that so? He doesn’t possess the Spirit Wind Sword, but you have a point. ” Hua Tian Du eyes turned cold, prepared to execute.


“Hua Shixiong was commissioned to rectify the conduct of the Yuhua Sect’s disciples. However, there is no need to make a big move for this insignificant disciple.  I am here to ask you for a favor, is that okay?”


Suddenly, a loud voice could be heard from the horizon. Soon afterward, a blue lotus cloud appeared in everyone’s sight, the lotus cloud formed into a giant platform, sitting on the platform was a fluctuating, illusory, and nebulous woman. When she opened her mouth flowers bloomed, and the surroundings were filled with calm feelings.


“ Jia Lan Shijie!”


“Jia Lan Shijie …”


Numerous disciples who saw this woman had been shocked, clearly the status of this woman was extraordinary. This woman was actually “Jia Lan of the West,” one of the five most successful Core Disciples!


Jia Lan flew over, slowly descending before landing on the ground. Her long skirt fluttered and black hair was like a waterfall. She glanced at Hua Tian Du and spoke,“This Fang Han saved Yue-Er and Yu-Er’s lives in the past. I, Jia Lan, owe him. I was wondering if it’s possible for Hua Shixiong to leave him be this once? For someone as powerful as Shixiong to lay your hands on this insignificant disciple, would only besmirch your status.”


“Since Jai Lan Shimei speaks on his behalf, I will leave him be this time.” Hua Tian Du’s overcast expression was constantly changing; it was difficult to see what he planned to do. Fang Han felt his body relax, all the pressure on him disappeared giving him a chance to stand up.


“Get out of here! If I ever hear that you’ve used a Devil treasure and that you’re damaging the reputation of our Yuhua Sect again, then I will have no mercy on you!”


“Hua Tian Du swung his sleeve, a strong wind swept over Fang Han who couldn’t even stand; he was blown onto the ground, rolling twice before stopped.”


Ye Yu, Xu Yue Er ran over quickly, helping Fang Han up, though Fang Han got his face dusty, losing all his dignity, they still admired his bravery, daring to contradict Hua Tian Du very much! Out of all the disciples of Yuhua Sect, no one dared to contradict Hua Tian Du like this.


“Yu Er, Yue Er, take him to my Jia Lan peak! I will speak with him later!” Jai Lan said looking at this situation.


“I have something to say to Hua Shixiong!”


Suddenly, Fang Han burst out in a loud voice! Fiercely he stood up, red in the eyes he looked at Hua Tian Du! “Hua Shixiong, today you took my treasure, stole my pride, I have nothing to say because you are stronger than me. I was wondering if you can give me ten years!”


“Ten years? What do you plan to do? Is it possible you want to use ten years to cultivate tirelessly in order to enact revenge upon me?” Hua Tian Du asked contemptuously.


“That is correct. I wonder does Hua Shixiong have the guts to give me this long, if not, shatter my martial art foundation now, or after this, find another disciple do it.” Fang Han grit his teeth so much that sound came out.


The surrounding disciples were shocked by his actions! An Outer Disciple dared to challenge the Top ranked Shixiong of the Core Disciples! The world seemed to turn on its head!


It was just as ridiculous as a farming telling the emperor “I’m going to take your crown!”


“Hahahaha!” Hua Tian Du didn’t expect Fang Han to have this kind of courage. “You, an ant-like nobody, actually dare to challenge me, don’t say ten years, even one hundred years wouldn’t be enough. Listen up everyone, don’t go looking for trouble with him in the future! I’ll let him cultivate hard, and after ten years I’d like to see how he’ll get his retribution? It’s not bad to have someone possessing this kind of bravery within the disciples of our Yuhua Sect. I, Hua Tian Du, am not a stingy person who would lay my hands on a tiny ant like you. If I were then how could I possibly seek immortality and comprehend the natural laws of the world? Seek Longevity!”




Fang Han suddenly knelt down, pointing his finger to the sky, made a vow to the heavens. “The great heavenly sky above, I, Fang Han will become Core Disciple within ten years and fight with Hua Tian Du to the death on the TianXing platform! If I can’t beat this man, I, Fang Han will kill myself immediately and become naught but ashes for all eternity. Great Heavens bear witness for if I, Fang Han ever disobey this vow, may the heaven and earth exterminate me!”


Seeing Fang Han suddenly, make an unbreakable vow, even Jia Lan had been distracted!


The rest of the disciples were shocked at first, then one after another started whispering to each other.


“A man like this, even one hundred years of cultivation wouldn’t make him comparable to Hua Shixiong.”


“In my opinion, he must have been scolded so much by Hua Shixiong that he’s lost his mind.”


“Will Shixiong Hua actually pay attention to him?”


“Of course not, with the status Hua Shixiong has he will only see him as a dog.”


“How self-righteous of him. Hua Shixiong, on the other hand, is so virtuous, if I were him I’d already have killed him.”


“This man is not simple; he was intentionally using words to incite Shixiong Hua. No one will make trouble for him in at least the next ten years. Hua Shixiong will also protect him. Otherwise, people will say that he was afraid Fang Han would mature and harm him.”


“This kind of mortal wisdom, who could tell? He only has ten years to live. He was just impatient, ten years will pass away within a second, he will regret this afterward.”.


Hua Tian Du’s eyes flashed a meaningful expression when he heard Fang Han make an unbreakable vow before he sneered. “Your temper is reminiscent of Fang Qing Xue after all, you’re definitely courageous, but that temper will set you down a Devil’s path. Within ten years, let me see how much you can grow. However, with a temper like yours even entering Godly Expert Realm will be very hard.”


While he talked, his body disappeared into a sheet of fog, taking Seven Evil Gourd away with him.


  1. ^ (宝器) Baoqi - A ranking for magic treasures, it’s one rank higher than a standard magical treasure.


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