Eternal Life - Chapter 69

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Eternal Life

The voices conversing from above were light and insubstantial like mist, it almost seemed like they were the whispers of immortals from high above the nine heavens. Subsequently, the snow all over the sky just vanished! Several rays of light appeared in the sky accompanied by immortal sound, heavenly music rained down as some men and women slowly walked out from inside the rays of light.

These men and women wore feathery clothes and Taoist crowns surrounded by illusory halos abundant with immortal qi. Everyone could smell the fragrance of paradise.

While Fang Han wasn’t  seduced by external appearances, he felt the bodies of these men and women were incredibly powerful, if any of them chose to release it they could easily crush him into dust.

They were the Core Disciples of the Yuhua Sect.

This was the true power of the Immortal Sect.

Each Core Disciple could wield unlimited power within the sect.

Fang Han knew that if he wanted to become a Core Disciple first he’d need to become an Inner Disciple, next he’d need to get on the ShanHe list[1] of the Inner Sect, earn rewards from the sect, and cultivate all the way to the Godly Expert Realm. Only after achieving all of that would he be qualified to become a Core Disciple.

Among the male and female Core Disciples, the most striking one was a man wearing ordinary clothes. This man wore an ordinary green shirt. He looked like a person of poor wit, a scholar in the secular world. It truly wasn’t a look possessed by anyone cultivating a Divine Style. He stood in the sky and didn’t glow with the rays of light nor did he emit glorious qi, because of this he was very different compared to the other disciples.

It was precisely because of this that he seemed to display a natural disposition.

It was this man who unleashed the  “World of Snow” technique that froze three thousand Māra and one Māra King. He was the number one Core Disciple, Hua Tian Du[2] from the Tian Du peak.

“Greetings, Hua Shixiong, and greeting to the other Shixiong[3] and Shijie[4].”

As soon as these Core Disciples showed up all of the disciples in the light’s protection, including the eight female disciples from Jialan Group all, bowed to them, showing as much respect as possible, more respectful than an official meeting the emperor.

The respect official showed to the emperor was born from the emperor's political power.

However the respect these disciples showed to Hua Tian Du, was born out of an absolute disparity in strength.

“En[5], that all of you can hold up against so many Māra is very good. It is clear that our Yuhua Sect’s future achievements will be great.” Hua Tian Du stood in the sky, waved his hand and suddenly the Nine Palace Golden Pagodas in the sky slowly shrank and then flew into his sleeve, the golden light’s protection disappeared at the same time.

The expressions on the faces of the nine Inner Disciples who controlled the golden pagodas relaxed suddenly.

Originally, the disciples under assessment in the Māra Battlefield were all Outer Disciples, but because of this incident the Sect sent Inner Disciples in to help the disciples under assessment weather the storm, naturally they were to receive rewards from the sect.

“The nine of you can take credit for protecting these contesting disciples. I will give you each one ‘Great JiaZi[6] Medicinal Pill’, it can increase one’s lifespan by one JiaZi.” Medicinal Pill’, it can increase one’s lifespan by one JiaZi.”

Hua Tian Du spoke again while flicking his finger. Everyone saw a gold and white pill fly to each and every one of the nine Inner Disciples hands. The nine Inner Disciples quickly bowed again, “Thank you Hua Shixiong!”

They all showed expressions of ecstasy on their faces.

“The great JiaZi Medicinal pill……it can increase a person’s lifespan by an entire JiaZi, one JiaZi is equal to a whole 60-year cycle. What an impressive stature this Hua Tian Du has. I thought it was the Sect Leader of the Yuhua Sect.”Fang Han’s heart was secretly moved, the Core Disciples were the same.  Jin Shi Tai, Shi Long Zi, and even Fang Qing Xue couldn’t compare with Hua Tian Du’s imposing stature.

“My god, Hua  Shixiong you are too generous, this is the Great JiaZi

“Shixiong like myself have a little bit more mana and refine more Medicinal Pills during this time of peace in case they are needed later.” Hua Tian Du smiled and landed on the ground.

“The assessment this time was interrupted by the Great Māra King thus endangering all of you, but currently all the Māra in the Māra Battlefield have been eliminated, and all of you have passed, you all have now become Inner Disciples now.”

“Ah! That’s very good! Really good!”

The moment the disciples under assessment heard it their faces all showed signs of relief, they were overjoyed. Just these words from Hua Tian Du confirmed they were now Inner Disciples. They will be treated very differently now, they’ve climbed another step towards their goals., Compared to the secular world, rewards are much greater than from Marquis to Duke.

Only Fang Han felt very unhappy, without the assessment, how could he catch Māra and refine Medicinal Pills?

“However, you don’t have to leave the Māra Battlefield now, I still have some matters to attend to.” Hua Tian Du waved his hand, suddenly, all of the disciples quieted down, soundlessly watching this majestic  Eldest Shixiong, unsure of what he planned to say next.

Who knew, Hua Tian Du would turn his sight to Fang Han, “Your name is Fang Han right?”

“Yes, um!’

Fang Han’s heart rustled! He didn’t expect this Core Disciple Eldest Shixiong would go out of their way to call him out. There was an enormous gap between the two of them, whether it was status or strength the two of them couldn’t be considered in the same league.

“Fang Han, Hua Shixiong is not someone you’ll want to offend. Even Jialan Shijie has to make concessions for him, the Sect Elders in the Yuhua Temple also showed him face[7].”

Shu Yue Er saw Fang Han didn’t respond, fearing that he might get into trouble, so she touched Fang Hang’s arm, and softly said. At this time many disciples present had turned their eyes to Fang Han, these disciples can’t figure out why Fang Han can get Hua Tian Du’s attention.

“Yes, I am Fang Han, is there anything Eldest Shixiong wants to advise me on?” Fang Han calmly asked as he adjusted his mind and body.

“The devil treasure on you, it’s called the Seven Evils gourd, is that correct?” Hua Tian Du’s eyes fell on the Seven Evils gourd which hung on Fang Han’s body.

“Yes, this was gifted to me by QingXue Shijie .” Fang Han started to feel that things weren’t going well.

“You have some nerve. Using a devil treasure is forgivable as long as you use it to attack evil beings, but instead, you use it on your fellow Yuhua Sect disciples. Really good. You thought that if you relied on Fang Shimei’s[8] reputation, then you could do whatever you wanted? Humph!” Hua Tian Du’s expression changed suddenly! The disciples that were present all felt extremely cold and were nearly scared to death.

Everyone could feel  Shixiong’s unfathomably strong mana.

Xu Yue Er and Ye Yu had no idea how Fang Han managed to offend eldest Shixiong. They wanted to say something good on Fang Han’s behalf, but were they qualified to speak? Just Hua Tian Du’s imposing presence made it so that they needed to gasp for air.

“I don’t know what part of me would make Hua Shixiong think that I’d rely on her status to do whatever I want.” Fang Han also felt pressured, so much so that it was hard for him to breathe. However, he refused to lose his dignity as such he asked in a powerful voice.

“You don’t?” Hua Tian Du smiled coldly, “Zhou Shidi[9], come here.”

One of the Inner Disciples who had previously controlled the golden pagoda walked out. Fang Han then recognized him, he was the disciple from whom he’d taken the  “Spirit Wind Sword” from at the “Jade Dining Hall”.

“Zhou Shidi, where is your Spirit Wind Sword?” Hua Tian Du asked.

“It’s him! It’s him who used a devil treasure to take my Spirit Wind Sword away, that day he and the Outer Disciple Prince Bao from the Da De Dynasty were fighting. I thought it was ridiculous when I saw it so I tried to stop them. He used that as a chance to use his Devil Treasure to steal my flying sword. It was because of him that the Mou Shijie couldn’t set up the Double Six Sword Array and was tragically killed by the Hong Fen Prince[10]. It was all because of him, he’s a spy from the Evil Sect!”

This Inner Disciple whose surname was  Zhou pointed at Fang Han, his eyes flashed with a cunning light!

“A snake’s venom truly does seep into and erode bones[11]. That day you wanted to use your flying sword to disable my arms and legs. The flying sword attacked me, yet triggered the devil treasure I had on my body and thus it was taken away.”

Fang Han really wanted to slap to death that disciple whose surname was Zhou, but it was impossible to do that now and he didn’t dare try.

“Humph! Who’s wrong and who’s right, just wait for  Eldest Shixiong to adjudicate. Eldest Shixiong can go ask Prince Bao about this incident.” The disciple surnamed Zhou turned his head down gloomily.

“I’ve already thoroughly researched that incident.” Hua Tian Du stared at Fang Han, seeming to search for clues. Fang Han felt naked as if Hua Shixiong’s gaze stripped his clothes right off his back. Fortunately, the Acheron map had been completely hidden, otherwise, it would have been found.

Hua Tian Du’s mana is too scary!

“Fang Han there’s something on your body, whether  Qing Xue Shimei is involved, I will investigate it thoroughly, however, she is currently engaged in closed-door cultivation in the Small Immortal World. I can’t bother her. You’re just an insignificant disciple who relies on a devil treasure, showing off everywhere ruining our Yuhua Sect’s good reputation. You even forcibly took an Inner Disciple’s flying sword. If  news of this spread, how would our Yuhua Sect keep a foothold in front of the other nine schools?” Hua Tian Du said as he stared at Fang Han.

“Just relinquish my Seven Evil Gourd, then implicate myself on behalf of our Yuhua Sect’s reputation. Eldest Shixiong is apparently speaking out of his ass, if investigations are necessary then they can wait for Qing Xue Shijie to come out, you’re free to have it then.”

The moment Fang Han heard that Fang Qing Xue went into closed door cultivation, he felt a little delighted in his heart. Yet, Hua Tian Du's tone had gradually gotten heavy, somehow making his action seem to implicate the reputation of the Yuhua Sect. Fang Han couldn't just ignore it if he did it would severely damage his reputation.

Originally, he wanted to apologize, but the pride in his heart stopped him. He had been a servant of the Fang Clan, all but enslaved. After having gained the experience of the Nine Vision Golden Pellet, he was finally able to recover the dignity he’d lost.

If he was soft in front of Hua Tian Du now, if he begged for mercy, then what would he have left? Wouldn’t he become a servant again? Fang Han didn’t want to lose his dignity any anymore, it was far too valuable. More so than any treasure or medicinal pill.

However, as soon as he said that, everyone’s faces changed on the spot! Even the Core Disciples faces had changed.

How dare he talk like that, to offend Hua Tian Du’s majesty!

This had never happened before.

“How dare you, who do you think you are, to actually dare to offend Hua Shixiong!” One of the Core Disciple suddenly stood out and said.

“Humph!” A cold smile appeared on Hua Tian Du’s face. The Core Disciple stopped as Hua Tian Du responded.

“You want to use Qing Xue Shimei against me? Since you’re a nobody, I won’t care about it. I don’t plan on investigating you anymore, just put down the Seven Evil Gourd Devil Treasure and you can leave and continue to train! Once you throw away your fancy toys that you use to show off you’ll be presented with an opportunity to cultivate your strength properly. If you don’t then whether it be Immortals or Devils you’ll be a laughingstock.”

“What?” Fang Han’s eyebrows twitched a little.

“Hua Shixiong  told you to throw away your  Seven Evil Gourd Devil Treasure and get the hell back to training, are you fucking deaf?” One of the Inner Disciples shouted.



  1. ^ Shānhé List -  The Shānhé List is a list of Inner Sect Disciples within the Yuhua Sect, it lists the Inner Disciples by strength
  2. ^ Hua Tian Du in Chinese is written 华天都 (Huà tiān dū). The word Hua refers to the bark on Birch Trees it may also mean “Magnificent,” “Splendid,” or “Flowery.” The name Tian means “Sky.” Hua means “Metropolis” or “Capital City.”
  3. ^ Shixiong in Chinese is written 师兄. In English, it means Senior Martial Brother.
  4. ^ Shijie in Chinese is written 师姐. In English, it means Senior Martial Sister.
  5. ^ “En” is a common interjection in Chinese used as a short response in agreement.
  6. ^ A Jiazi (甲子) is a cycle of 60 years
  7. ^ Giving Face -  The original Chinese Term used in this situation was 面子Miànzi is a unique word in Chinese Culture that is difficult to translate into English, one’s reputation, integrity, honor, prestige and face all mixed together will become its meaning
  8. ^ Shimei in Chinese is written 师妹. In English, it means Junior Martial Sister.
  9. ^ Shidi in Chinese is written 师弟. In English, it means Junior Martial Brother
  10. ^ Hong Fen is a reference to the makeups ancient Chinese people used, rouge and lead powder. The old translation referred to them as Pink Princes
  11. ^ A snake’s venom truly does seep into and erode bones. This is an edited version of a Chinese Idiom. It basically means that if you don’t kill a snake before it injects its venom into you then you’ll regret it in the future. 


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