Eternal Life - Chapter 68

Eternal Life

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“Wū! Gū! Bā! Ma! Hōng! Yā! Dōu! Pó!”

As soon as Fang Han saw Māra Yamāntaka appear, without a moment’s hesitation, the Sirius Smoke around him churned, momently form into a shape of a “Giant horn”. In that instant, the sound of eight Naga roaring erupted from his body like a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses that swept through the entire area carrying the sound until it arrived.

Most of all,  the sound that was emitted by the Sirius smoke was far more intense in comparison to the original. The oscillation frequency of the sound waves had doubled.

This was the result of Fang Han pondering the magical effects of the Sirius Smoke.

The Sirius Smoke wasn’t  merely ordinary smoke, it was made from the essence of a Moonwolf, Five Metal Poison Gas, and more exotic things. All kinds of materials refined using demonic methods, it was heavy as mercury, light as smoke, fierce as Sirius, and tender as water. It could assume the form of anything.

The Giant Horn form of the Sirius Smoke coupled with the “Eight Sounds of Nāga” created a power with unlimited potential, it was only because of those factors that Fang Han could muster the courage to barge into the large array of Three Thousand Māra.

However, as soon as Māra Yamāntaka appeared Fang Han knew  that he would be a powerful enemy, far surpassing the ferocity of any other Māra and that if he didn’t strike first, more likely than not the moment they faced off he would be disadvantaged

He had now reached the Godly Transformation Realm and for the most part was somehow telepathically aware of good and bad fortune.  In his mind, Māra Yamāntaka in front of him seemed undefeatable, he immediately knew he’d kicked an iron board.

Originally, When Fang Han spat out Eight Sounds of Nāga, the Sirius Smoke should have been shattered, but the Sirius Smoke had been refined by Fang Han’s blood, it contains the spirit of blood, it was just like his body.

No matter how loud the noise generated by a human was, it wouldn’t deafen the one who generated it, for this reason, the “Eight Sounds of Nāga”, not only wouldn’t hurt the Sirius Smoke instead the two would complement each other.

“What a strong sound wave…”

It seemed that Māra Yamāntaka didn’t expect Fang Han to make that move, when “Eight Sounds of Nāga” arrived, Māra Yamāntaka’s body shook, twisted like a ripple in the water, changing constantly.

Finally, he shouted, soaring into the sky having managed to dodge the sound wave attack.

“He’s too strong, we better go!”

Fang Han saw that Māra Yamāntaka’s form hadn’t been scattered, he even calmly withdrew, this was not the kind of enemy Fang Han could handle. All of a sudden the hair on him erected.

With his current power, “Eight Sounds of Nāga” coordinated with the “Giant Horn” used at a close range, at that speed even if an elephant were to be struck by him it would die of shock.

At first, Fang Han planned to rely on this new move, surprising Māra Yamāntaka, and hopefully slaughter the Māra King.

A Māra King was considered equal to human masters who’d reached the Godly Transformation realm, if Fang Han could really kill Māra Yamāntaka, then he’d become famous and would be granted generous rewards from the sect. But at the moment, the gap between him and Māra King was too wide, it was fundamentally impossible for him to kill an enemy beyond his level.

Top Priority. Best option left is to run.

Sirius Smoke magic sphere formed again, this time, extending as fast as possible, reversing his position and immediately and making a full on dash towards the light sphere of the “Nine Palace Golden Pagodas” on the plain.

Originally, the three thousand Māra were attacking the “Nine Palace Golden Pagodas” light sphere, but when Fang Han suddenly generated the furious “Eight Sounds of Nāga” behind them, it surprised them and as a result slowed them down. They all turned around to catch a glimpse, however, Fang Han charged through at lightning speed killing everything in his path all the while belting out a few of the syllables from the  “Eight Sounds of Nāga”, the Māra were flushed away in a moment, unable to resist.

Peng Peng Peng Peng Peng!

One by one the Māra were shattered, even now, Fang Han did not forget to make a fortune, harvesting every shattered Māra into his Seven Evil Gourd, then skillfully diverting everyone’s attention as he sent them into the Acheron Map.

One, two……ten……twenty, thirty……

He felt a rush of this “Not giving a Fuck” mentality, taking advantage of the fact that the Māra battle array was scattered he harvested greatly. More than one hundred Māra became Fang Han’s property.

“You’re courting death!”

Māra Yamāntaka saw this scene from afar, his face cramped a little, body soaring to the sky, a black light tore through the air, closing in on Fang Han.


The Sirius Smoke magic sphere upon being hit by the immediately broke, make a cracking sound, like a wounded snake it slithered back into the Seven Evil Gourd, without the protection of Sirius Smoke, both Fang Han and the eight female disciples of the Jialan Group were doomed to fall.

Fortunately, they weren’t very high in the sky and everyone had a tough body. As soon as they landed on the ground they all rolled to offset the impact, got up, and made a mad dash towards the Nine Palace Golden Pagoda’s light.

“We are disciples of the Yuhua Sect!”

“That? That black light! It’s not an ordinary Māra, it’s a Māra King!”

“Oh, my god! It’s a Māra King!”

“I’ll be damned. These disciples actually managed to escape from the Māra King alive.”

“It’s the Shijie from the JiaLan Group!  No wonder, JiaLan Group is the largest group in our Yuhua sect.”

“Why there is a male in the JiaLan Group? Who is that male disciple, he’s quite powerful, he seems to be carrying a devil treasure? The rolling black smoke just now, I thought it was a powerful Māra.” The disciples in the light protection of Nine Palace Golden Pagodas clearly saw that the people outside were fellow disciples, which spurred them to talk, but not one person left the protection of the golden light to greet them.

It wasn’t that these disciples wanted to kick Fang Han’s group while they were down, put salt on their wounds, or even that they didn’t any compassion for members of the same sect, it was simply that the appearance of the Māra King made helping the group extremely dangerous.

“You guys come inside the golden light protection quick, I will hold him back for a while!”

Fang Han seeing the golden light protection was just ahead, while the Māra King behind was getting closer, he can’t help but howl, the Sirius Smoke came out once again, forming into a giant wolf and opened its mouth towards the Māra King in an attempt to swallow him.

The wolf sucked in all of the Māra that appeared between itself and the Māra King.

Xu Yue Er and Ye Yu from the Jialan Group knew at this moment, that they couldn’t hesitate and quickly played their  “Pine billow lute” and “Cloud water flute” to push the Māra farther away from their path.When the path was clear they vigorously leaped into the protection of the Nine Palace Golden Pagodas. Right away their bodies felt light with relief. , “It’s safe now!”

Simultaneously, they anxiously turned their eyes to Fang Han.

Fang Han blocked the Māra King in order to give them a chance to survive, now he was surrounded by enemies, his selflessness moved them once again.

“Sirius Smoke! Seven Evil Gourd! This is the treasure of Demon God ” Unexpectedly they fell into the hands of someone like you. What a waste, hand them over to me!” Māra Yamāntaka swiftly lunged out to Fang Han and started to chase him. As soon as Fang Han saw that he was being followed he began chanting at the Sirius Smoke to change back into its wolf form and ordering it to swallow the Māra King. Māra Yamāntaka sneered before sticking out his hand, facing the wind, rapidly growing and becoming huge before laying a harsh slap on the wolf.

“Wuwuwu, wu wu wu!” The wolf, Sirius, screamed mournfully as it exploded into smoke, crawling back into the Seven Evil Gourd.

The shock wave generated by the blast make Fang Han tremble, he wanted to call on the Sirius Smoke again but it was too soon after the wolf had been beaten and the smoke still needed to repair itself in the gourd. It simply couldn‘t be used so quickly after the injury it received from being slapped by the Māra King

“This Māra Yamāntaka is way more powerful than Jin Shi Tai! Jin Shi Tai couldn’t even break the Sirius Smoke, since that day though I’ve had Yan’s help, and I’m much more powerful now. This Māra King broke the Sirius Smoke in a single blow, his strength is tyrannical.”

Fang Han was shocked, he could now feel the chasm of difference between a true Godly expert and himself.

Māra Yamāntaka dispersed the Sirius Smoke with a single slap and was grinning as he wound up to kill Fang Han when suddenly he sensed something, his expression changed, and he cast his gaze into the distance.

“Why is it so cold... ”

Fang Han was about to sacrifice his life to try and kill Māra Yamāntaka, but when Māra Yamāntaka was about to lay the finishing blow on him he suddenly stopped. Fang Han thought that Māra Yamāntaka was showing him mercy. Immediately he sensed a bone-chilling coldness from up in the sky, it felt as if winter had suddenly come.

The Māra felt it even more clearly, Fang Han seemed to see all three thousand Māra shivering in the cold air.


In the sky, snow, white as goose feathers, fell down overwhelming both the earth and heavens.the entire, within It landed everywhere within an area thousands of li in diameter changing the color of the world in a vast expanse of white.

Ah! Ahahahah!

Heavy snow fell down, the Māra started to scream in pain, because as soon as a snowflake touched one of them it would turn into ice and immediately encase them in ice, leaving them little to do but fall to the ground.

In seconds all three thousand Māra were covered in snow and summarily frozen, not a single one was left alive. The snowflakes also seemed to have their own spirituality as any snowflake then fell on Fang Han simply melted away like ordinary snow.

Meanwhile, Māra Yamāntaka was also covered countless snowflakes, in a blink of an eye he was frozen into a crystal clear ice mountain, and fell to the ground.

“Heavenly Frost Strike!”

Though Māra Yamāntaka had been frozen, he wasn’t dead yet, inside the ice sounds of something scraping against metal could be heard.

“With a single, non-committal wave, thousands of li of snow fell, the three thousand Māra were all frozen! Marvelous… simply…Marvelous! More powerful than the Devil Marshal Yin Tian Qing, who was this person from the Yuhua sect.

“Fang Han, for now, I need to go radio silent, I will completely veil myself, no matter how much you talk to me I won’t hear it. I won’t answer. Otherwise, this person will know of my presence.” Yan said, his voice a bit shaky.

“Haha, haha……Eldest Shixiong is powerful indeed, your “Heavenly Frost Strike” technique  was so powerful not even the Māra King could handle it.”

“In the end, we’re still a step behind Eldest Shixiong.”

“Eldest Shixiong in addition to the sect’s cultivation methods also cultivates the Gathering technique and is extremely powerful, not to mention in terms of mana he ranks among the top in the sect. Otherwise,  why would he be named Zhong Tian Du.”

“We’ve wiped out all of the Māra on the battlefield, eighteen thousand six hundred and thirteen Māra in total. Eldest Shixiong killed ten thousand on his own. The last three thousand Māra, as well as one Māra King,  were also taken by First Senior Apprentice-Brother.”

“Eldest Shixiong, I heard five years ago the DaXu empire asked of you to perform a snow ritual so that the harvest next year would increase. You called forth snow eight thousand li and three cun deep. After that the emperor of the DaXu empire then forcefully presented the princess to you as a maid, did such a thing truly happen?

Shidi and Shimei you’re all being too kind. Come, let’s all go take a look.”

A few voices from above conveyed their intentions.




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